About Sinay D. Stenlund
Born on: November 21st, 1961

Born in: Turlock, California
My parents were raised in the Central Valley of California. They both come from HUGE families (10 kids in mom's family, 17 in dad's). They decided to keep their family "small", by only having four children. We lived in Delhi, CA, on property adjoining my grandparents, until the summer before my sixth grade, when my parents sold the house and hit the road. My sixth grade I went to school in North Dakota, Fla., Okla, and then back to Delhi. My seventh grade was in Oakland, OR. Eighth grade was at Kenai AK. I started high school at Summerville High in Tuolomne City, CA, then went to Livingston High with my elementary school friends for half of 9th and 10th. I finished 10th grade back at Kenai High, started 11th grade at Robert Service High in Anchorage, where I graduated in Jan 1979.

I started college just 3 months after my 17th birthday at Bethany Bible College in Santa Cruz, CA. I began taking ASL classes and was involved in Deafness. After a year, I returned to Anchorage, where I began working as an interpreter for the Deaf and continuing my ASL studies. I graduated from Anchorage Community College (now UAA)with an AA in Political Science and an AA in Social Science. I got married in 1983 and we started a family. After some time off to stay home with babies, I returned to CA, and went back to school at California State University, Stanislaus, right back in Turlock. I worked off and on as an interpreter, a swimming teacher, a lifegaurd,a newpaper carrier and a construction worker. Eventually, I graduated with a BA in Social Science and went on to complete my "5th year" to get my single subjects teaching credential.

I was hired at Livingston Middle School, where I taught one year. I was interested in private school education, and so I undertook the administrator training through the School of Tomorrow and founded a small Christian School in Delhi. After it was up and running, my family moved to Washington. I worked as a supervisor for the Census 2000 for three years, which allowed me to continue homeschooling my own kids. After that fun was over, I decided to go back into working with ASL. I was hired to teach  sign language classes here in Spokane, WA. at two Community Colleges.  I have three daily classes at Spokane Community College and two daily classes at Yakima Valley CC. I teach via interactive television to Yakima, Goldendale and Grandview and Selah. I have taught at Spokane Falls Community College, but lately have been too busy at SCC!

My kids, Thaddaeus (Thad) and Kalysta are grown now. Thad has FOUR wonderful babies, named Kalia, Karissa,  Elijah and new Baby Iszekiel! Thad is working  and Kalysta graduated from EWU in 2006, moved to Tacoma with her fiance, is working for the state over there, and they are getting married in July 2008! They are great kids! I love them very very much!

Cary is my wonderful honey. We were married on August 21, 2004.  He takes really good care of all of us. You can see all the work he has done on our house in the photo section. Our house was a repo, and was horrible! We have worked hard and Cary is amazing. The house is great now! 

In fall of 2004 we were able to buy the house next door, where our "daughter-in-love", Tasha, lives with Kalia, Karissa and Zeke.  Tash is continually amazing in her patience and general wonderfulness. We couldn't have picked a better mom for our grandkids! It is great having the babies so close! They are the delight of our life! 

In 2004 we started Spokane Winery Tours. We have so much fun. You can visit that website at www.spokanewinerytours.com. Since that time, the business has continued to grow and we have had to purchase another bus and hire Cary's mom and step-dad to help us with tours!

Wow, I just realized that 2004 was very busy for us!

I finished my masters degree in Adult Ed in 2004. I loved it, but am glad I waited until the kids were grown before undertaking it! People often ask me if it was hard, and frankly, it was the easiest degree I got. I don't know if it was because I had already learned much of the material from that "5th year" program in CA, for my teaching credential... or because it was really just easier. I always say, the AA's were the most work!  That is one reason I am such a huge advocate of community college education!  I can honestly say, I may have PAID more for the following degress, but didn't get a better education!

I'll write more later, check back often for more pictures, fun things to do and interesting Internet links to the Sign Language and Deaf Community.