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ASL 102 Second Video
Video Two
ASL 102

1.Sign a sentence using the “A” classifier. Brownie points for using more than one classifier.

2.Sign a sentence using “IF” including proper facial expression and include the term: LIE-REPEATEDLY.

3.Use the negative “NONE” as a compound sign with an appropriate verb.

4.Explain what the Rule of Nine is... And give examples.

5.Describe to me your perfect evening.

6.Tell me about the last time you went shopping, and use some signs for money.

7.Use the sign modulation for either “repeatedly” or “continually” in a sentence, and use the proper facial adverb.

8.Sign a sentence in which you use the repetition of signs to show plural: example: TREE++

9.Sign a sentence using FINISH as a conjunction.

10.Sign a sentence using HIT as a conjunction.