Instructional Days
ASL 103
cuz sometimes you just can't BE there!
Week Two:
Video of Gil Eastman
You can order this video from Captioned Media
(preferred method) or you can write a 2 page research paper on the subject.

Week Thre:
Video of Howie Seago
You can order this video from Captioned Media
(preferred method) or you can write a 2 page research paper on the subject.

Week Four:
Video of MJ Bienvenu
You can order this video from Captioned Media
(preferred method) or you can write a 2 page research paper on the subject.

Week Five:
Video of Bernard Bragg,
"Lessons in Laughter Vol. 1"
you can write a 2 page research paper on the subject.

Week Six:
View the PowerPoint presentation prepared by Sinay

Week Eight:
Idioms: English and ASL

See Below

Week seven:
Performance Signing
Research ASL performance signing
Take a look at Trix Bruce and some vids on myspace, like this one.
Do some of your own research too.
of course, the BEST interp clip ever... ICE ICE BABY

Week Nine:


Week Ten:
YOU do performances!

Week One:
What do you think of this format??

Idioms are words and phrases that are not taken literally, but have a cultural meaning beyond the literal meaning. Understanding idioms is part of being fluent in any language. Below are English idioms. Figure out how to sign them, conveying the cultural meaning rather than a literal translation.

American English Idioms

Kick the bucket
Hold yer horses
Dead to the world
Eat crow
Let yer hair down
Put your foot in your mouth
Throw your weight around
Get wind of
Cut it out
Hit it off
Take you for a ride
Wind around your little finger
Iron in the fire
Make a clean breast of it
Give a piece of my mind
Ace in a hole
Add fuel to the fire
After ones own heart
Along for the ride
Ask for the moon
At ones fingertips
Beat around the bush
Cough up the dough
Bite the hand that feeds you
Coast is clear
Do a double take
Down in the dumps
Needle in a haystack
Not with a ten foot pole
Horse of a different color
Heard it through the grapevine
Go for the gusto
Stick your neck out
Get on my nerves
Separate the men from the boys
Right up your alley
Throw in the towel
Edge of your seat
Kill two birds with one stone
Let the cat out of the bag
Grab the bull by the horns
Butterflies in my stomach
Got up the nerve
Blown me over with a feather
ASL has idioms as well. As with any language, sometimes the idioms doesn't tranlate or have the same cultural meaning in another language. I will try to describe how to sign them.

ASL Idioms

TRAIN ZOOM- "That ship has sailed"
FISH SWALLOW- gullable
PATIENT TOILET-   can’t wait any more
BIG MOUTH - (signed like TABLE, but the arms open and close)
means:talks too much or a person who moves their mouth too        much
THINK-HEARING: sign HEARING at forehead. Shouldn't be used by        hearing people, means "you think/act/kowtow to hearing                     people"
ZERO-BRAIN- Zero on forehead "stupid, ignorant"
SICK-ON-THAT- sign SICK then directionalize it. "ick"
STICK BRAIN- 8 handshape, opened, then close on forehead. "I will         remember that!
N-G- sign N then G  "no good"
T-B- sign T then G  "too bad"
THIRSTY- means lust
DROOL- lust, want that a lot
I, I, I, I- signed at waist- means brag
PEA BRAIN: G hand shape at forehead, twists and touches head- means stupid
Daffy: Y on forehead- flaps
Brown noser- B handshapes rub side of nose, palm out
Nosey/big nose- outline nose, exaggerating it largely
BS- arms crossed, top hand with index and pinkie extended, bottoms showing pooping.
By a hair- pull a hair (not literally!)
Riding the fence-
‘love it’- kiss your fist!
boiling in anger
blow my top
waste money- "toss money" out of pockets
talking to self- "I" handshapes circle from side of face to meet in front and tap
blow right by me
blow… nothing
THINK DEAD-  I couldn’t believe it
Keep mum: PRIVATE then second hand covers 1st.
Learned my lesson, blew up in my face:  O handshape on nose, to 5
So much to think about: K, both hands, wiggle in front of eyes
Push out of my mind: use 4 handshape
Dwell on: think, obsess
Right around the corner: F on nose, move out and down, P/O down
Extremely complicated: wiggle X in X movement crossing in front of body
Pretend: open and close flat O on side of mouth- palm orientation, back
Barely getting by: 8 alternates off chin
Budget money- tight circle of flat Os
Holier than thou: 7 off mouth, like innocent
I am out of here: G moves to closed G
THINK YOURSELF - you decide
YOURSELF, YOURSELF: Take care of it yourself:
Waste Time: throw away time
Gobble up
Drink too fast
HA HA behind head
Falling in love
Soft heart
Tough heart: F handshape tap at heart
Fooled me: A handshape hits 1 HS
Rolling on the floor laughing
Nothing to do: ear and lip flip
Fall Asleep: As hit
Far: wiggle 1 way out there
WOW S hand at eyes
Need proof: pull eyelid down
Expert: same as neat
Not my responsibility: flick 8s at shoulder
Missed it: 4 hand down in front of face
Passed me by: 4 hand up and in front of face, WHEW
Nothing to it: F hands back and forth
Jump for joy
SLAM index or middle finger slam between finger of other hand
Over my head
Butt heads: Confront using Y hand
I have no idea: ???? with 4 hand
All Gone: Blow on hand
Touch finish: been there
Disgusting: upset stomach
Shock: jaw drops with bent V

Finish, Zero, Finally are sometimes called idioms, but they are not true idioms.
They are used often, but the meaning doesn’t change.
FUNNY-NONE just means not at all funny
SEE-NONE means I didn’t see it.