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ASL 102

1.      Introduce yourself by telling me your name and where you live and are from.
2.      Tell me how old you are and what college you attend.
3.      Tell me the name of your favorite restaurant and what kind of food they serve.
4.      Tell me your morning routine.
5.      What is your favorite sport and why?
6.      Tell me about your family.
7.      What country would you like to visit and why?
8.      What do you want to do over Spring Break?
9.      What is your favorite holiday and why?
10.  Why are you taking ASL?

Answer these questions in your best language possible. Answer them completely. In answering question one, for example, you should use complete sentences: HI ME NAME S-I-N-A-Y  S-T-E-N-L-U-N-D.  ME LIVE SPOKANE WA, ME GROW-UP 2. CA, AK
Check your grammar and sign formation. Have fun!